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About Our Firm

FBN Securities, Inc., established in 1983, is an independent broker-dealer and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). We are a boutique institutional brokerage firm that provides our clients with a variety of services including anonymous equity and derivative execution, investment research, comprehensive trading strategies, corporate access, capital introduction, and syndicate services. In addition to these offerings, our agency-only model enables us to create a true partnership with our clients. This not only allows asset managers to maximize their potential but also significantly reduces their transaction costs. The combination of experienced and talented traders, quality research, trustworthy relationships, and cutting edge technology has afforded us the opportunity to build a company that partners with some of the most reputable institutions in the world.

Our clients, including traditional institutions, publicly-traded corporations, and well-established hedge funds, benefit from forty years of Wall Street experience. We understand the desires of our clients and tend to their specific needs and interests. The combination of experienced and talented traders, established relationships, and cutting edge technology allows us to provide superior market intelligence. Our widespread reach enables us to ensure efficient execution in liquid names as well as consistently providing effective price discovery in thinner markets. At the same time, we understand that confidentiality is of utmost importance and protect our client’s anonymity and trading activity. We empower our clients with the tools to carry out their business objectives in a timely and efficient fashion.