Investment Research

Investment Research

Our experienced research team is distinguished by its long track record of noteworthy results and quality company access.  We provide published research reports across a range of established and emerging companies, analyst consultations and a variety of meetings with corporate management teams.  In addition, we incorporate macroeconomics with a market strategy to deliver high-impact ideas. By utilizing both deep fundamental analyses, with an expertise of the technical market dynamics at play, we seek to maximize alpha creation.  This results in offering a unique perspective that translates into timely insight and relevant opportunities.

Technology Infrastructure
  • FBN provides research on companies in the following sub-sectors within the technology industry:
    • Internet
    • Big Data & Cloud
    • Networking & Security
    • IT Hardware & Enterprise Storage
  • Utilizes a rigorous bottom-up approach to analyze and model companies in order to provide actionable stock recommendations.
  • Maintain strong relationships with management teams which allows us to better analyze company business plans, customer relationships, and product strategies.
  • Leverage channel relationships in both the U.S. and abroad that better enables us to determine trends and obtain relevant data on our coverage list.
  • Host semi-annual Silicon Valley bus tours in which we introduce clients to senior management of noteworthy public and private technology companies.

Cable, Media & Entertainment
  • We cover companies across the cable, media and entertainment industries and our analyst is formerly ranked the #1 stock picker in the media industry in the Forbes / StarMine Analyst survey.
  • Our analyst has been especially known for the past two decades for his understanding and coverage of the Liberty stocks and companies related to them. 
  • Differentiated research from our competitors due to our expertise in corporate structure and tax analysis. 
  • Dedicated focus on deciphering complex filings in this space in order to uncover investment opportunities. 
  • Deep management relationships in the industry allow us to offer value-added corporate access meetings to our clients.

Merger Arbitrage & Event Driven
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Friendly, hostiles and potential mergers & acquisitions.
  • Proration arbitrage
    • Mix and match elections, dutch and partial tenders, split-offs, rights offers.
  • Event volatility and structured equity arbitrage
    • Holdco/subsidiary multi-leg trades,
      pair trades, and capital structure trades.
  • Unique alpha opportunities within catalyst-driven long-only strategies.
    • Spinoffs, activist, contingent value
      rights, and distressed securities.
    • Strive to assist clients in generating market returns while managing risk and downside exposure.
    • Provide customized strategies as well as risk/reward probabilities in order to optimize arbitrage opportunities.
    • Strive to assist clients in generating market returns while managing risk and downside exposure.

Macroeconomic & Technical Commentary
  • Offer an interesting and differentiated perspective from both the macroeconomic and technical standpoint.
  • Leverage extensive experience in fundamental long-short, statistical arbitrage, global macro, and CTA strategies to formulate our investment thesis.
  • Provide not only short-term S&P 500 price targets but also expectations for the market over the medium and long-term.
  • Release important intraday updates and timely research that are relevant to both portfolio managers and traders.
  • Perform custom technical work on client portfolios to help spot trend changes, and provide actionable entry and exits points.

Derivative Hedging & Strategy
  • Utilize our experience to assist clients in real-time risk management and portfolio enhancement.
  • Uncover value through market interpretation, trade design, and execution.
  • Focus on taking advantage of discrepancies across the capital structure.
  • Provide portfolio analysis to determine optimal avenues of hedging.