Our Corporate Access program focuses on building relationships between a wide range of publicly traded companies and our clients. We have extensive experience with corporate managements and have executed company buyback programs in our history. By utilizing our relationships and access to companies listed on various exchanges, we facilitate conferences, one-on-ones, and conference calls with industry experts and senior managements. We have developed a system in which cross references public companies with their competitor’s largest holders to target potential investors. This process has been one of many successful tools that have helped us host over 100 management meetings in the last year. Without the influence of investment banking, FBN works closely with corporate executives to target specific investors who have shown interest in their companies. Hosted events offer the opportunity to provide the investment community with access to managements of some of the top discovered and undiscovered companies in the world. The program is designed to provide public information in an organized forum, while relieving management from much of the additional call volume they currently manage after their traditional conference calls. Our deep involvement in the process helps keep us at the pulse of various themes communicated by executive managements and allows us to offer further insight to our clients.